What Is Beard Oil, and Why Is It Needed?

So you have decided to grow out your beard.  Perhaps you just got tired of shaving every day, and of all the ingrown hairs and irritation that go along with it, or perhaps you saw enough old pictures of bearded men that you realized you would look awesome with a beard.  Whether your stylistic role model is Socrates, Abraham Lincoln, Jim Henson, or any of the other numerous bearded men of the near and distant past who are remembered as much for their facial hair as for their contributions to history and the arts, you are soon to find out that it takes more than just the passage of time to make your beard go from scruffy to luxuriant.  Yes, all beards look scruffy when they have been growing for three days.  How they look after a month depends a lot on how you take care of them.  One of the things you can do to keep your beard looking thick and healthy is to use beard oil.

Women with long hair use hair oil to protect their hair from breakage and split ends, and the same principle underlies men using beard oil.  Beard oil moisturizes both the skin of your face and the hair of your beard, and it can also prevent dandruff.  Pour a small amount of beard oil onto your hands and rub it onto your face so that it makes contact with your skin.

If you enjoyed smelling like aftershave when you were clean shaven, it will please you greatly to walk around with the scent of beard oil on your bearded face.  The ingredients in commercially produced beard oils are chosen for their moisturizing ability and for their role in preventing dandruff and split ends, but most of them also smell amazing and are even popular ingredients in men’s fragrances.

Beard oil is made of carrier oils, which are included for their moisturizing power, and essential oils, which are used mainly for their scent.  Coconut oil and jojoba oil are popular ingredients in beard oils, as they are in other hair care products for both sexes.  When it comes to essential oils, take your pick.  If you are the kind of guy who likes musky and woody fragrances, choose sandalwood or cedar wood.  If you prefer aromatic, spicy, or citrus scents, there are also beard oils available with essential oils that suit those tastes.

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