Top Mistakes to Avoid While Growing a Beard

So, you want to grow your beard, right? Simply put, just put your razor aside and let it grow. Obviously, there are a couple of more things you need to do if you want to grow a beard with style.


Make sure that you keep in mind that beards are not for everyone. You may have very little facial hair, for example, and you won’t ever get a complete beard. However, it’s not very common to see a man who keeps his beard his entire life.


Here are the top mistakes you should avoid while growing a beard:


#1: Don’t Lose Patience:


The beard doesn’t grow and doesn’t look perfect overnight. It takes time. There will be phases where your beard may look patchy and scrawny, but that’s part of growing a beard.


#2: Remember Your Age:


Overall, your beard will grow faster if you’re in your thirties than if you’re in your twenties. It’s just as it is. So, keep your age in mind as well as patience, and just give time to your beard grow.


#3: Wash Your Beard:


Your beard, just like your hair and the rest of your face should be taken care of. You need to wash it regularly. You can either use shampoo or a specific oil for beards. The main advantage of using an oil rather than a shampoo is that the oil is also going to hydrate your face skin, which can become very dry with the beard.


#4: Trim Frequently With Caution:


Not all facial hair grows at the same rate and this is the reason why you should trim your beard frequently. However, when you’re talking about trimming, less is always more. It’s better to trim less but more often than the other way around. Many men already lost their beard because they just went ahead and trimmed so much that they had to shave it all and start growing the beard again.


#5: Have Your Own Style:


Your beard, just like your hair, show something about your personality to other people. So, you should shape it to fit your own personality. However, you shouldn’t forget to take into consideration your hair as well.


#6: Irregular Necklines:


If this is your first time growing a beard, you need to be careful when you trim the neckline. Usually, many first timers tend to cut too high. The less you cut, the better. Just make sure that you have all the beard symmetrical or you might not look too good.

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