What Types of Food Ensure the Growth of an Epic Beard

Nutrients are necessary for any growth, especially for hair. There are a lot of proteins and nutrients that encourage the growth of thick and healthy hair. One can also try supplements, beard oils, and natural methods of treating the skin, but diet is essential for the growth of a proper beard.

The Needs

Your diet has drastic effects on your well-being, and health is always something one should keep a check on. For beard growth, there are a few specific types of nutrients that one should focus on:

Vitamin A

This vitamin directly results in the production of sebum and is crucial in keeping the skin hydrated. Vitamin A can be found in meat, eggs, cheese, carrots, broccoli and many vegetables.

Vitamin E

Maintaining a healthy skin is important for the growth of hair and vitamin E is one of the primary nutrients that encourage smooth blood flow, which, in turn, makes the skin healthier and promotes the growth of hair. Vitamin E can be found in oils, nuts, beans and leafy vegetables.

Vitamin B3

Also known as niacin, B3 is another nutrient that promotes healthy circulation. This is essential for the growth of hair. B3 can be found in mushrooms, tuna, broccoli, veal and even chicken.

Vitamin B5

This vitamin is also known as pantothenic acid, which helps the body efficiently use fat reserves and the protein in the body help form healthy hair. B5 can be found in broccoli, avocado, egg yolks, duck, milk and a few more.