Wahl 9854 Review

It’s common that facial hair grows a little too fast or in random, undesired patterns. This means many men don’t have the beard they want just because they don’t have the tool to groom it well. So, we introduce the Wahl 9854 to you – a tool you can trust.


The Wahl 9854 is a grooming kit that is sleek and comfortable to use while grooming. The base of the product is carbon black, and the material offers good grip and impressive ergonomics. Above the base is a portion that’s shiny silver in color, which makes for high contrast and is partly why the product looks so great. Adding to the design, there is a Wahl logo just on the tip of the trimmer and just below the blades.


This product is one that guarantees excellent results thanks to its numerous attachments and modes of grooming so that using it is easy and efficient. The lithium-ion battery in the trimmer allows it to charge quickly in only an hour to run for about 4 hours, which is an impressive charging time to usage time ratio. Adding to that, the user can even quick charge it in just a minute, and it will run well for a quick trim. One can’t even overcharge the Wahl 9854 since it automatically stops charging once the battery is full.

Moreover, for optimal performance, the materials used in the trimmer are primarily steel and plastic, and the numerous components included in the grooming kit are three beard guides, a dual foil shaver head, and a detail head. There’s also a T-blade head included and the T-blade guides provided are 1/8″ and 3/16″ ones as well as a T-blade stubble guide. With the kit comes a travel pouch as well as a blade oil and a brush for cleaning. The rechargeable battery and the product’s components ensure efficiency and effective use of the product with exceptional results and limited problems caused.


  • Made of steel and plastic
  • Impressive battery life and charging efficiency
  • Guarantees twice the power


  • Not completely an all-in-one kit
  • The trimmer is known to rust too quickly, so keep it away from water


The slim, light and fantastic design of the product as well as its battery life and charging efficiency make the Wahl 9854 stand out. The grooming kit is highly recommended for use.

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Wahl 9854 Review
9.3 Total Score