Remington MB4040 Beard Trimmer Review



The Remington MB4040 is crafted with titanium-infused steel blades, making this beard trimmer extremely long lasting and durable. The blades also provide a very precise quality cut, that you may not find in other models. Although the blades are very durable, the overall feel of the trimmer is fragile and this may cause issues if it were to be accidentally dropped on the floor. In conclusion the design is thought out very well, and has some high quality materials used throughout, that enhance the performance and durability of the MB4040.


When it comes to performing well, the MB4040 does just that. The titanium-infused steel blades are self sharpening, allowing them to cut with great precision, whilst maintaining their long lasting durability. The battery life is one of the best on the market, lasting for close to 2 hours, nearly double competitors on a similar price range. Charging time is near to 3 hours to fill a full battery. Performance is definitely where Remington has made their product excel, as the key features: the blades and battery are developed to a great standard.


  • Long lasting battery life, of up to 2 hours
  • Quick charging time of only 3 hours
  • Titanium-infused steel blades provides a long lasting beard trimmer
  • Titanium-infused steel blades also provide a precise cut
  • Self sharpening blades helps with maintenance
  • Cordless allows the MB4040 to be portable
  • Cordless also allows the trimmer to be used on all parts of the body


  • Fragile design overall, may break upon being dropped
  • Low number of settings and configurations compared to similar models

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