Philips Norelco qt4070/41 beard trimmer 7300 Review

The Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 7300 is one of the most awesome beard trimmers in the market, and we are going to explain why.

Among its top-notch features are, the exceptional performance capable of trimming any beard with the precision of a Swiss watch and the minimalist design.


Come on, is Philips. It has (as expected) a really sophisticated design along with minimalist, and sharp lines, it’s aesthetically perfect. The glossy finish gives a really nice look, and Philips know how to blend coolness and functionality with this trimmer.

In addition, it has a sturdy construction, which gives it a really nice durability along with a cool design. The LCD screen just at the middle of the trimmer is just perfect, the placement is a well-made decision and in that LCD screen, you can decide the length setting, how much battery life is left and the power of trimming.


Beard’s lovers will say that a flawless beard trimming is achievable with two principles, power, and delicateness. There’re hundreds of beard trimmer machines that are painful most due to lack of power, some of them are pretty powerful but leave itches in our skin due to lack of delicateness, and that leaves many of us really disappointed.

The company Philips seemingly has achieved that perfect balance between power, and softness delivering an outstanding piece of engineering that trims the beard and feels great. Surprisingly, as a cutting-edge machine, it has 18 full-length settings, in which you can start from 1 mm to 18mm depending on which kind of trim you like.

Aside its capabilities in lengths, it also has two comb attachments. The first one is a normal blade as you can expect in any trim machine and a contour comb which is new, and a smart movement by Philips. You are likely to not being familiar with a contour comb (like me), and basically, it will help you to decide which kind of beard style you want and gives you with exactly the facial hair you want.phi3

The turbo button offers a perfect power boost when is needed, by speeding up the blade and fans to cut thick or long hair faster.


If you are looking a powerful but delicate beast, this is your bet, it can cut and trim every single hair in your face, regardless if it long or thick. That is not all, with a turbo button you can put extra heat to those thick hairs.

Finally, another thing to bear in mind is the cool design, you have a really modern aesthetic telling you, ‘hey is 21st century’ you can spend literally a couple minutes seeing how good it looks.

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