ManGroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver Review

Shaving the back is not an easy task and usually requires one to acquire the assistance of someone else. If this is something that you have been facing trouble with, this Pro Back Shaver is the answer you have been looking for. The ultra-wide back groomer blade will ensure you no longer need to think twice about shaving your back and can do the task with a lot of ease and feasibility.


The ManGRoomer shaver is provided with a unique patented design that makes it certain that you do not have to face any difficulty in reaching all the areas of the back. It is equipped with a new hexagon handle with an ergonomic rubberized grip. Thus, you would have complete control of the device, and stability and comfort will be offered to you. The new power hinge easy push lock button also adds to the convenience that the device offers.


The device is equipped with all the features that make it capable of providing you with an impeccable performance. It is equipped with 2 cutting edge attachment shaving heads which have shock absorber flex necks. The wide back groomer blades ensure that you can cover large areas in a short span. The additional foil body groomer bi-directional head provides you ease in regular maintenance and smooth shave. Thanks to the shock absorber flex neck, the attachment heads are able to follow the contours of your back with a lot of ease and provide you with a comfortable and close shave. The shaves are not only ultra-sensitive but hypoallergenic as well. The quick charge battery is another enticing feature of the device.

Prosbodygroomer pro

  • Patented design that allows easy reach to all the areas of the back
  • Power burst button that ensures extra thick and coarse hair is dealt with efficiency
  • Shock absorber multi-functional flex neck allows the attachment heads to contour your back, providing impressive results in a comfortable manner
  • Grip-friendly rubberized handle that makes operation easier
  • Quick rechargeable battery


  • If you have thick and coarse hair, you might need to make use of a shaver along with the trimmer to get the results that you are looking for
  • Some problems might have to be encountered while shaving the back if it is wet. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that the back is properly dried before you use it


This is one of those devices that have managed to impress all who have made use of it and you will find the results to be rather impressive. It does not give much room to complain and ensures no one has to regret making this purchase.

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ManGroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver Review
8.3 Total Score