Babyliss BPSS1 Super Stubble Trimmer Review

If you are one to keep your facial hair as short and neat as you possibly can, then you should get yourself the BaByliss Super Stubble Trimmer.  It delivers the outcome you have in mind every time, be it a short beard, a short shadow look and even longer stubble. The combination of the sensible technology and the considerate design gives you a trimmer that is high performance. With 24 precise settings, you can manage the facial hairstyle preference of your liking all the time. The trimmer operates very well, even when the charge level is low and is powered by a Lithium-ion battery. It is also completely waterproof enabling you to use it in the shower and clean it very conveniently under the tap. Adjust the mortise length control and track your face’s curves with the exceptional floating contouring head which gives you both control and comfort. It also comes with a shaver plug adapter and charging stand, a cleaning brush, and a shaver lead.

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bayThe design features an easy-to-grip curved body and a pivot design with contoured heads that track your face curves while you shave. At the push of a button, regulate the length of your desired stubble, due to the motorized length control with memory function coupled with automatic adjustments. The removable comb guide enables ease of cleaning and aims to deliver length consistency at an optimum. For enhanced durability and sharpness, the trimmer offers blade technology with blades sharpened electrochemically. To indicate the remaining charge time and cutting length selected there is an LED screen. The BaByliss Super Stubble Trimmer has a fast charging system which provides up to 60 minutes of use for a 90-minute charge or even if you want to do a quick shave, a 5-minute quick charge. For convenient bathroom recharging it comes with a shaver-style power lead plus a 3-pin plug adapter. The Lithium-ion power technology comes extremely handy for cordless use even when the trimmer is at low charge levels. To dust off any remaining hair from the comb guide, a cleaning brush comes with the BaByliss Super Stubble Trimmer before you can rinse it.

The Pros include its convenient charging stand; it is completely washable, handy cordless use, the ergonomic design and the various ranges of cutting lengths.bay2

The Cons are that a hair collection chamber does not come with the trimmer, before washing the blades you have to oil the blades and it has no case for storage.

In conclusion, the BaByliss Super Stubble Trimmer may be low priced, but it is certainly of good quality. Not to mention the fact that it has lots of features, is convenient and low maintenance, thus it is well worth the price.

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