Remington NE3560 Men’s Travel Touch Up Groomer Review

Remington NE3560 Men’s Travel Touch Up Groomer is a great trimmer. If your needs are anything like mine, then you’ll love the comfort of being able to trim or cut your facial, ear and nasal hair without any pain or hair pulling. Actually, my previous trimmer had started troubling me, so I thought it’s time to search for a new trimmer. And, of all the trimmers I scanned through, one that managed to stand out was Remington NE3560 Men’s Travel Touch Up Groomer.

Perhaps, I liked this product so much that I decided to share my important research findings with all of you.

The Advanced ComforTrim Technology

Showcasing the latest ComforTrim Technology, the Remington hair trimmer comes with dual blades for instant and effective trimming of facial hair. Boasting of four different grooming attachments, this trimmer makes sure you have an all-encompassing solution for all your needs.

While its personal trimming head makes facial hair cutting easy, the rounded head titled at a slight angle is best to fit contours of your nose & ears. It also comes with two eyebrow grooming combs that trim your eyebrows perfectly. You can also use this battery-operated trimmer for shaping moustaches & sideburns.

So, unlike others, it actually fulfills its commitment to delivering a pain-free hair trimming since its quick, easy-to-use and doesn’t pull your hair while trimming.

Unique Premium Chrome Finish

While this electric hair trimmer performs all its tasks very well, it also carries a unique design. Showcasing superior chrome finishing, its ergonomic handle adds to its overall look and design. Besides, the fantastic color options are like icing-on-the-cake.

Its small, sleek, narrow neck and head allows it to be utilized by individuals with smaller nostrils & ears—something that makes hair trimming a challenge for such people.

Features and SpecificationsScreen Shot 2017-04-25 at 3.05.08 PM

  • The Remington NE3560 Men’s Travel Touch Up Groomer embraces two blades backed up by the painless ComforTrim Technology.
  • The dual blade feature is designed to cut hard & difficult-to-reach hair, whether it’s facial, nose, ear or eyebrows hair without any pulling.
  • The four attachments make facial, nasal & ear hair trimming easy and effective, hence also called “3-in-1 groomer”.
  • Ergonomic design along with premium chrome finish.
  • With product dimensions 1×1×6.1 inches and weight around 2.4 ounces. This trimmer is easy to carry because of its small-size and lightweight, hence often called as “Travel Touch Up Groomer”.
  • 100% waterproof
  • Runs on single AAA battery of 1.5 Volt capacity.
  • Amazingly durable.
  • Cheaply priced.
  • Even women can use it for ear and nose hair trimming.


In summary, the Remington NE3560 Men’s Travel Touch Up Groomer can handle all kinds of trimming tasks you throw at it, and is one of the top rated & versatile trimmers. While it comes with a number of features, it delivers great value for money as well. Uniquely designed, easy-to-use and no-pull hair trimming, almost all buyers of this trimmer are immensely pleased with their purchase & would certainly recommend this electric hair trimmer to others.

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Remington NE3560 Men’s Travel Touch Up Groomer Review
8.8 Total Score