Creation Springs Electra – Trim Review

There comes a time in every man’s life where he decides it’s time to purchase a hair trimmer. Having your facial hair trimmed properly makes you look and feel your best. With so many trimmers out there on the market it’s hard to choose. When it comes to choosing a hair trimmer the two key things are the design and the performance. If the trimmer is badly designed it’s unwieldy and hard to use. Even if it handles great there’s no point if it doesn’t also perform well. Let’s take a look at how the Creation Springs Electra-Trim hair trimmer looks and performs.

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The design of the Electra-Trim looks a little cheap but don’t let that fool you. The blades are still sharp enough to get through your hair. The trimmer is powered by an AA battery and also features a light to illuminate your nostrils and make it easier to see where the hair is hiding. It’s easy to hold and use the trimmer but it’s not as easy to store it. The end is rounded which makes it easy to grip but it does mean that you can’t store it vertically. The trimmer does come with a lid that makes it easy to take with you while travelling though. It also comes with a nice brush to clean the trimmer between uses and keep it performing at its best. Overall it’s not the best design in the world but it’s still put together really well.


Performance is another key area and it’s one where the Creation Springs Electra-Trim won’t let you down. Some people might prefer a rechargeable battery but it still gets a lot of power out of that AA battery. It’s good enough to get through tough nose hair. If you’ve found you have trouble with the trimmer then just wet your hair a little first, like you would when shaving. It softens up the hair and makes it easier for the trimmer to slice through it. Despite the power it’s still nice and quiet and powers up and down quickly. It’s also gentle on your nose. You shouldn’t hurt yourself with the Electra-Trim. Running on a battery also means there’s no risk of running out of charge during a trim or really needing to trim your hair only to find out the thing needs charging. Just keep a spare battery with you and you’ll always be good to go.

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There are trimmers out there with different features but, overall, the Electra-Trim does a fine job for the price. The Electra-Trim can cut through your nose and ear hair without too much trouble and a single AA battery lasts you a long time. It only takes about ten minutes to clear your face, nose, and ears of pesky hair problems. So if you want a good budget nose trimmer you should seriously consider the Creation Springs Electra-Trim nose and ear hair trimmer.

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Creation Springs Electra – Trim Review
7.8 Total Score