Braun EN10 Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Review

Not to be outdone by its competitors, Braun also released their ear and nose trimmer called the EN 10. The company is known to be a reliable brand for grooming products, particularly electric shaves, so expectations are high for their hair trimmer.


The EN10 Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer reflect the quality engineering that Braun is known for. It uses a circular blade system, allowing for the accurate removal of those bothersome hairs in your nasal canals and ears without tugging, pulling, or cutting. The stainless steel blades are designed to slice cleanly. They are covered by a plastic cap with small holes that allow the cutters to breathe after use and cleaning. This might cause dust, dirt, and other small particles to gather in the trimmer when you pack it in your bag, but that can easily be resolved by putting your EN10 in a small sealable plastic bag or in your grooming kit.

The trimmer has a smooth, ergonomic, light, thick body with grips that allows you to get a good, comfortable hold of your grooming device, which is essential when you want to have more control as you’re shaving some pretty sensitive areas on your face. It also makes the EN10 more durable, avoiding easy breakage for those times you accidentally drop it on the bathroom floor or in the sink. The bulky handle also allows the trimmer to stand, giving you more options for storing it vertically or horizontally.

Braun’s EN10 comes in pretty packaging with a product manual and one AA battery (which is good for about 60 hours of shaving according to the Braun’s website). This means you can use it straight out of the package.

A bonus for this electronic hair trimmer is that it is washable so you can easily clean it under running water. The battery compartment is sealed by an O-ring, preventing water from seeping in.

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As of this writing, the Braun EN10 Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer is graded 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Most of the negative comments are found among earlier customer reviews, with popular sentiments being the poor quality of the materials, the too small size of the blades, and its inability to give a nice, clean cut. A few have said they took more time getting rid of their unwanted hairs in the nose and ears because Braun’s EN10 wasn’t precise and thorough enough during their first try of the product.

But more recent feedbacks are mostly from happy users who are impressed with the precision and affordability of the grooming device. One popular positive comment was that the EN10 didn’t create as much noise as other trimmers. Another one was that it was easier to use because of the circular blade system and the ergonomic lightweight handle. Users were able to clean in their nose and ears better without the fear of hurting themselves due to cuts on their skin or tugs and pulls from the blades.


If you’re looking for an affordable and convenient option for grooming those pesky unwanted facial hair, then try the Braun EN10 Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer.

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Braun EN10 Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Review
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