Remington Wet & Dry Rotary Shaver

Remington PR1285A R8 Wet & Dry Rotary Shaver Review

From the design to its features, the Remington PR1285A R8 Wet & Dry Rotary Shaver is clearly built with convenience in mind. With a lithium-ion battery that boasts of a longer battery life, you can use the electric razor wirelessly of up to 60 minutes. Whether you use it outside or inside the shower, it wouldn’t make a difference.

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The razor has 3 precision cut blades placed on a rotating head. When the neck pivots and the blades do their work, you’re guaranteed a smooth and close shave. It also comes with a pop-up detail trimmer for your sideburns and when you want a clean-cut look, and twin track blades for maximum skin contact. Turn on the rotary shaver and trust it to shave closely and comfortably every time.

A built-in LED indicator lets you know when the razor is running out of juice and needs recharging. Additionally, it only takes 5 minutes to recharge the batteries, so you can use the shaver again.



An outstanding feature of the Remington PR1285A R8 Rotary Shaver is its waterproof WETech design that lets you shave in the shower, complete with a shaving gel. No need to worry about electrocution or causing water damage to the razor. However, just make sure to dry the charging area before recharging.

PowerFlex 360degree and ActiveContour combine to let you find the best shaving angle, while keeping the rotary head in close contact with your skin. Whether you’re shaving on the neck and chin area, and trimming your sideburns, the electric razor adapts to your needs.

What is even better is that the rotary shaver is very easy to clean, because the head tilts open. All you need to do is run it with water and voila! No brushing needed.

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  • Cordless shaving anytime
  • Also, can be used plugged into a wall outlet, but only outside the shower
  • Comes with features for a close and comfortable shave
  • Can be used with or without a shaving gel
  • 360-degree movement of the head lets you shave side to side and in other directions


  • Needs to run across an area several times to achieve a smooth, hairless surface
  • Must be used with a shaving gel when wet shaving


If you’re looking for an electric razor that you can use anytime and anywhere, you won’t go wrong with the Remington PR1285A R8 Wet & Dry Rotary Shaver. With its cordless capability, you are not restricted to where a wall outlet is located.

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Remington Wet & Dry Rotary Shaver
8.3 Total Score