Panasonic Arc3 Electric Shaver

Panasonic Arc3 3-Blade Electric Shaver Review

Man are always looking for the best shaving. And sometimes it’s hard to find a good shaver that not only fits your hands, that doesn’t hurt your skin, and that shaves well. It’s not easy to find a shaver that fills all these different things. However, when you’re looking for a shaver, this is what you want.

So, you’re really looking for the Panasonic Arc3 3-Blade Electric Shaver.

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The Panasonic Arc3 3-Blade Electric Shaver is designed to give you the best shave. With three ultra-sharp Nanotech blades, honed to a 30º angle, plus an ultra-thin Arc foil that will give you the most comfortable sensation when you’re taking care of the contours.

This shaver gives you the perfect shape because it removes all the hair evenly, throughout your entire face, including the chin, jaw, and neck. No matter how long or rusty your beard is, or even if you use a mustache or sideburns. Besides the blades, the Panasonic Arc3 3-Blade Electric Shaver also has a built-in pop-up trimmer.


One of the problems many electrical shavers have is that they can’t get wet or they’ll be ruined. However, the Arc3 3-Blade Electric Shaver doesn’t only is easily cleaned with running water, as you can even shave when you’re in the shower. Yes, you read it right!

The Arc3 3-Blade Electric Shaver is built in to make their users as comfortable as they can. Man don’t like to shave every day. It’s tedious. However, many of you need to do it because of the job you have. So, nothing better than turning this everyday task into something that can be both quicker and achieve a much better result.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 8.16.02 PMWhether you’re one of those men who like to shave in or out of the shower, this Panasonic shaver is perfect for you. And it still has an extra advantage: an LCD monitor.

Now you must be thinking why you would need a monitor on your electric shaver. And here’s the answer: battery. It’s just so frustrating when you’re in a rush and you grab your usual shaver. You just turn it on and notice it has no battery. You’re already late so what do you do? Either you have another shaver that luckily still has some battery left, or you need to use a razor. Nevertheless, you’ll be rushing even more and if you don’t run late, it’s a miracle. So, you now understand why knowing the battery your electric shaver has can be a great deal. Just say that you like to shave in the shower. Before you get in, you notice that it has a low battery, So, you can put it to charge while you’re taking your shower and just shave afterward. It won’t be the same thing, but at least you’ll have the best shave.

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Panasonic Arc3 Electric Shaver
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