BRAUN Cruzer 6 Beard Trimmer Review



The overall shape of the trimmer is very ergonomic and robust. It feels great in the hand. Currently its available in a matte grey color where the beard combs come in blue. The Cruzer 6 comes with 2 adjustable combs. One for beards and the other for hair. Both adjustable beard combs are adjustable for 6 pre-set lengths. The trimmer is fully washable which makes the trimmer easy to clean up.


The BRAUN Cruzer 6 comes with a powerful dual battery system that adjusts to and hair length and thickness. The battery system also allows for a 40 minute run time on just an hour charge time. That is unbelievable when it comes to charge to use time.  The trimmer also has a light indicator to tell you how much charge is left.

As far as actual cutting performance, the BRAUN Cruzer 6Combs-braun-cruzer-6 is on par with other trimmer systems in the price range. The trimmer also has a precision blade on the back side that can be pulled out to make precision cuts. This is perfect for those who like to shape up and line up their beards.


  • Dual battery system to power blades for thick and thin hair
  • Fast charge time
  • Light weight and sturdy design
  • 6 setting adjustable beard/hair comb
  • Both a beard and hair trimmer
  • Precision blade trimmer
  • Washable and waterproof


  • No replaceable battery
  • Need to clean hair from combs
  • The blade surface is too thick making it hard to maneuver under the jaw line
  • No charging dock


This a decent mid-level priced trimmer. It would be great for people looking to trim/cut large surface areas. This is great for men who shave their head and face at the same time. It has a great charge time and a precision trimmer so it will fit most routine needs.

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