Why Do Women find Men with a Beard Attractive?


What makes you drool over a man you see across the street or on the bus? Attraction is quite natural between opposite genders. Women try different hairstyles, makeup and jewelry to make them look attractive whereas men can simply make a woman go crazy by growing a beard. That definitely sounds easier and much more natural too. The clean-shaven look is certainly good if you want to look boyish and cute but if you want to look more manly and dashing, then you need to ditch that razor. You might have heard about no shave Novembers and these activities are surely a gift for women by the opposite gender. You can decide how you want to look but a little beard never hurts. Here are some amazing reasons that describe women with beard:

•    Beard looks Tough

Women, no matter how independent and strong they are, always want to feel protected in the arms of a man who is strong and makes them feel safe. Whether a man is 5 feet 5 inches tall or 6 feet 5 inches tall, a beard is going to add a super intimidating look to your face. All the women who want a tough man would simply get stunned at the look of a man with a well-grown beard. You would not face many problems in wooing a girl if you have an amazing bearded look that you carry with style.

•    Beard Looks Cool

A woman wants her man to devote his entire attention towards her so a man who does not spend time in shaving his beard looks kind of carefree and arrogant. It seems the man is comfortable in his own skin and does not require any additional styling to make him look handsome. This is totally a positive factor for a woman as she believes her man will be noticing her and complimenting her instead of worrying about how he himself looks. This is one reason that women fall for a man with a beard.

•    He seems sexually appealing

Men with beard are sexually more arousing for women because they feel they are stronger and more charismatic. Most footballers, actors, and legends of the past are bearded which makes women believe that a man with a beard is a man with a difference. They want to be closer to a man who has a beard in an intimate relationship rather than a man with a clean-shaven look because they believe the beard gives him the sexual charm. Deep inside their minds women believe they are sexually stronger than other men because they are rough and rowdy.

•    Beard gives you a more serious and committed look

A man with a beard can have a killer sense of humor but he looks amazingly serious and more committed. These qualities are rare these days but women who are in search of sincerity fall easier for men with beard as they look more mature and committed towards their life and things in general

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