What Supplements Help Your Beard Grow Faster

Growing a beard can be a huge challenge, and you don’t know what is causing slow hair growth. Many of us believe that its genetics, hygiene, low testosterone levels or other factors that slow down hair growth. While genetics are one reason, that doesn’t mean one simply gives up on their dream beard.

Natural Methods

Many natural ways ensure the full growth of a beard, and they may be as simple as washing your face with the right herbs or providing the skin with oil that encourages growth. These factor in the growth as well but not as adequately as supplements.

Supplements for Growth

What the skin needs is a particular mixture of nutrients, herbs, and chemicals that would guarantee the growth of a full beard. Supplements provide this and although there are many supplements out there, the essential nutrients remain the same: vitamins D, B12, C and A, biotin and a few more. If the supplement includes these, it’s sure to work.

A few of the noteworthy supplements that we should mention are Beardalizer, VitaBeard, Ultimate Beard Grower’s Kit, Beard Grow XL, Beard Fuel XL, and Maxx Beard Spray. These are some of the popular supplements and although beard oils might help encourage beard grooming, the products listed here support growth only.

What Will Ensure Beard Growth

If you use both methods to aid in beard growth by using quality supplements and mixing it up with the natural methods to exfoliate your skin and allow hair to grow, you’ll have a fully-grown beard in no time!