How To Avoid Beard Dandruff

There are few things more masculine looking than a full, thick beard, assuming of course that the gentleman sporting said facial hair is on top of its maintenance. Having a beard that looks great all the time means making sure to actually look after it, which means avoiding dandruff that may become an issue. One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to beard dandruff is that it’s a result of dry skin lurking under the hair. While that is certainly a common cause, dandruff in the beard may also be there as a result of fungus. That is why it may take more than just one technique to keep beard dandruff at bay. Let’s take a look at how to do so.

The first thing that you have to do if you want to avoid beard dandruff is to look at what may caexpocosmetica-1312191_960_720use it in the first place. Since many guys believe that dry skin is the only issue, they will load up on moisturizer in order to keep the beard hair clear. Oddly enough, it is oftentimes the moisturizer being used that can be at the heart of the issue. If you are regularly using skin moisturizer, yet are still seeing some white flakes, it might be time to try something different.

The first item that you should add to your medicine cabinet when you are considering growing out you chin hair is beard oil. Generally speaking, you should be looking to apply the oil all the way down to the roots of your bead at least two or three times per day. If you live in an area that is particularly dry or humid, you may want to increase the number of applications. One word of warning here is for those who have sensitive skin. Bead oil can plug you pores, and can create a dandruff issue of you use it too often. If you are of the sensitive skin type, only use the oil on the days where you were not able to wash your beard.


When it comes to washing your beard, steer clear of soap, as the suds can get trapped in the hair and cause dandruff issues. Use a mild shampoo, and really work the hair all the way down to the roots. When it comes time to rinse, make sure that you get all of the suds out. Brushing and exfoliating are also a great idea, although be sure to do so mildly, as being a little too rough with the brushing can irritate the skin.

You may be surprised to learn that the temperature of the water you use when washing your beard can have an effect on dandruff. You are much more likely to stay flake free if you wash your beard with cold water. If you adopt this habit on a regular basis, you are probably not going to need as much beard oil as you would if you were washing with hot water. Follow these simple tips and you should have no problem keeping your beard dandruff free.

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